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Project Description
TcpEssentials is a class library for C#, created to simplify the task of creating and maintaining TCP connections. Async methods are fully supported.

Personally, it's quite a tedious task to manage TCP connections in C# by themselves. That's why I created TcpEssentials; I wanted to make life easier for myself in future projects of mine. Sure, using the fully featured classes would be more powerful, but I find that in smaller projects, I only want the essential parts.

The main class of TcpEssentials is the TcpConnection class. You can create a TcpConnection instance where you connect to an IP address with the code below:

var con = new TcpConnection("123.456.789.123", 1234, false);
//Creates a connection at IP 123.456.789.123 through port 1234

Or, if you want to create a TcpConnection instance where you listen for a request:

var con = new TcpConnection("", 1234, true);
//Creates a connection at your local IP through port 1234

Note: If you were using the older versions of TcpEssentials (I deleted and republished), please remove them and use this one instead. It's much more feature full and utilizes buffers correctly!

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